Mohawk Labor Services L.L.C. (MLS) is an experienced provider of skilled craft labor, primarily in the support of turbine-generator related services that are performed at utility, municipal and industrial power generating stations, throughout the domestic US and International marketplaces.

Founded in 2000, MLS has an established history in the industry and is recognized by power generators, both utility and industrial, for the quality and responsiveness of the craft labor workforces it provides. Our team has been successfully utilized on the equipment of various manufacturers, ranging in capacity from over 800 MW, down to 5 MW in unit output.

MLS maintains a core of turbine mechanics and supervisors with proven skills, who can be quickly dispatched to any project in order to support the dynamic needs associated with the inspection and repair of turbine-generator equipment.

MLS is a growing organization, and we are looking for individuals who have prior experience as turbine mechanics or as foremen, on steam or gas-driven equipment. We are also looking for tool management personnel. MLS will also give consideration to those without prior experience who are seeking to start a focused career in this challenging industry.